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Loss Control 360 Partners with Guidewire to Save Client’s Time and Money

Loss Control 360 (LC360) is proud to announce our partnership with Guidewire! Guidewire is a leading platform developer that offers software to streamline workflow and improve systems for Property and Casualty insurers. Guidewire is a trusted resource for many of our clients. This partnership will significantly minimize the effort required to integrate Guidewire products with LC360 saving time and money implementing a cutting edge loss control solution.

The Accelerator

The team at LC360 is developing a Guidewire Accelerator that will be exclusively available to Guidewire PolicyCenter and ClaimCenter users. The Accelerator will provide the framework for integrating Guidewire with LC360, replacing the need for costly or burdensome custom integrations.
The Accelerator will lessen the amount of time it takes to have the two platforms working together. It will also lessen the investment that is typically needed in terms of custom coding to make the systems communicate with one another. Developing the Accelerator and partnering with Guidewire will ultimately save our client’s time and money.
Once customization is complete, data can begin flowing back and forth between LC360 and Guidewire. This will fully automate certain tasks and data sharing such as:
• Survey ordering
• Recommendation follow-ups
• Status reports
• Claims data
• Final report data

Why Guidewire?

Partnering with Guidewire enables us to integrate with PolicyCenter and ClaimCenter more efficiently. This ultimately allows us to provide clients with a complete, end-to-end solution for loss control. We offer industry-leading features such as offline-capable tablet apps, a highly configurable user interface, robust integrations, and a custom-tailored deployment methodology. All of these features set us apart from other loss-control applications and our partnership with Guidewire further diversifies the benefits we can offer a client as opposed to our competitors.

What’s Next?

In October the LC360 team will be traveling to San Francisco to take part in Guidewire’s annual Connections conference. We will be hosting a round table discussion and the conference is packed full of information about Guidewire and its features. For more information about the conference visit http://connections.guidewire.com/ and keep an eye on our blog for updates as we get closer to the event.

Guidewire PolicyCenter and ClaimsCenter are registered trademarks of Guidewire.

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